Our Vision

Our Mission and Values

Café Vert's mission is to enrich the lives our patrons and the community by providing a safe, stigma-free space to share ideas and facilitate dialogue about cannabis through education, networking, and shared experiences. Critical to that mission is bringing people together to exchange and explore new ideas in social conversations, educational classes, affinity groups, exciting programming, and self reflection. We believe the paradigm of self care and wellness is changing, and look forward to bringing a captivating cannabis experience to Western Massachusetts.

Café Vert will be the premier location for cannabis industry professionals, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and students to network and support one another, in learning about and entering the new recreational marijuana market. We seek to empower Massachusetts cannabis industry professionals to have fair access to and knowledge about the new Massachusetts recreational marijuana market.

The Café will engage patrons and the community on a variety of social justice issues. Café Vert looks forward to allowing affinity groups, including veterans, women, and cannabis industry professionals, to regularly meet and discuss relevant cannabis topics. Café Vert is also committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and plans to fund important social initiatives in Easthampton. We are committed to keeping our economic footprint local and engaging with small businesses. Additionally, we plan to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices and find ways to curb our energy and carbon footprints.

We are proud to work with industry legal experts and our local municipal government to provide a safe and welcoming space for legally-authorized, on-site recreational marijuana consumption, upon securing the appropriate permits and licenses. We are truly making history! We invite you to follow our journey via our website: http://www.cafevertcoffeehouse.com/ and sign up for exciting updates as we progress through our business startup.